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[Admin] BlackHawkz1234 a posted Aug 22, 13
Sorry guys! Our computer went down during a TORNADO Warning! Im trying to fix the computer so the server can be put up
[Admin] MinecraftrGuy a Does it make any noises or beeps? If so How many beeps or what does the noise sound like.
[Admin] BlackHawkz1234 a The computer just wont turn on!
[Admin] MinecraftrGuy a I can help you correct your problems, just PM me some info about the error.
[Admin] BlackHawkz1234Really SOrry guys! Alot of damage done
[Admin] BlackHawkz1234   published Sorry! on News
HawksCraftPvP has reached a new hit record of 22 unique hits today!
[Admin] MinecraftrGuyServer is back up guys!
[Admin] BlackHawkz1234   Yep!
HawksCraftPvP has reached a new hit record of 15 unique hits today!
[Owner] Pooploser64We will be looking for any youtubers with 50+ subscribers to make some videos on our server either playing on it or advertising it! Each video must be 2 minutes or longer and have the IP and server name in the description! Every video that qualifies will earn you a free $5.00 in the donation store!
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[Admin] MinecraftrGuyI suggest making this a towny/plotme server smiliar to my server
[Admin] BlackHawkz1234   I don't think this would be that fun! I dont have any experience with the Towny plugins but alot with factions! Sorry but we will be staying with factions
[Admin] MinecraftrGuy   registered to HawksCraftPvP
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[Admin] MinecraftrGuyHey, hows it going?
[Owner] Pooploser64   Pretty Good :)
[Admin] BlackHawkz1234   Great! How bout' you?? :)
[Admin] MinecraftrGuy   Good
[Mod] shawanohawk and kylehuot12 registered to HawksCraftPvP
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